Adventures in Potty Training

My younger son is at that age of transitioning from diapers to potty training.  It’s been quite awhile since we’ve been down the potty training road since there is an 18 year age gap between our sons, and I forgot just how long of a transition this can be.

I’ve re-familiarized myself with assorted books and articles, perused blogs addressing the topic, and spoke with his pediatrician.  What I gleaned from all of that was — he will be potty trained when he’s good and ready 🙂

We began over the Summer, thinking that warmer weather would mean donning fewer clothing items to shed when the potty was calling.  We planned for a successful transition: potty timer; videos; rewards; potty themed books featuring Elmo, Daniel Tiger, Caillou, Thomas the Tank Engine, and Thomas the Tank Engine Easy-Ups.



The Pampers Easy-Ups were appealing as he adores all things Thomas the Tank Engine, and the newer material has great stretch and better forming fit than the previous design.  The books, featuring his favorite characters, were terrific with holding his interest and reinforcing the goal of using the potty.

It was going well for quite awhile – then, after two and a half weeks of doing well, having absolutely zero accidents – and only wearing an Easy-Up for naps and overnight, he decided he was done with the whole potty experience.

Soon, we were back at the starting line.  I remind myself of his pediatrician assuring me that children will work within their own time frame, and his earlier medical issues did indeed play a role in a bit of a delay – so relax and allow him to move at his pace.

Since we were starting again, we began to rethink using disposable training pants so frequently.  While the toss-away training pants have been handy, especially for travel, I wanted something more friendly to both his sensitive skin as well as the environment.  When my older son was little, there were a lot of options for cloth training pants – not so when I headed to the baby store for my younger son.

I took my search online, during which I found the classic Gerber training pants, some popular character varieties, as well as a brand I had never heard of before, Dimore.  Feeling adventurous I opted to try a sampling of each.  I ordered the Thomas and Friends, Disney assortment, Mickey Mouse, plain Gerber, and the Dimore (with cars, trucks, and dinosaurs).


    Image: Dimore training pants

My initial observations were of the fit and quality of the fabric and padding. Both the character pants and the Gerber were much, much thinner than the Dimore, which led to accidents producing larger messes to clean up. The fun characters faded quite quickly after being washed/dried as frequently as needed during the potty training process.  The thin padding in both of these varieties also bunched after awhile, and there was noticeable shrinking after multiple washes in hot water.

The Dimore training pants have held up the best with multiple washings: the colors remained vibrant, the padding stayed in place with no bunching, and the size remained true (no shrinking as with the others).

Of them all, I have to say I am most pleased with the Dimore.  They’re absorbent, but not too much so that he doesn’t realize he’s had an accident.  They’re soft, and though they do have the thicker padding, they fit well under jeans, dress pants, and sweatpants.

The price point of all of the cloth training pants that I tried were about the same, with the overall value (in my estimation) being in favor of the Dimore training pants.

While I’m hoping that by Christmas we’ll have more progress with potty training, I do feel that the Dimore training pants will see us through to whichever point in time he finally masters potty training 🙂


Disclaimer:  I’ve not been compensated in any manner for the post, and the opinions herein are my own based on my personal experiences with the products mentioned.  I’ve paid full price for all of the items cited.