Watchitude – a terrific gift or stocking stuffer!

Watchitude is a fun, trendy slap-on watch that would make a great holiday gift, birthday present, or stocking stuffer. 

I was recently given the opportunity to receive a watch from Watchitude, and am eager to share my thoughts.  All opinions presented are my own, based on my experience with the product, and the experiences of my younger son and 8 year old nephew.

The first thing that I noticed about the Watchitude that we received is the quality: it far exceeded my expectations. 

My initial impression was positive when it arrived in a very sturdy, textured decorative gift box, with clear, dense molded plastic protecting the watch. 

The Watchitude slap-watch has a thick, sturdy band, in a comfortable, water-resistant material (it stands up to splashing, rain, and sweat).  The printing is high definition with a durable gloss finish. 


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The band self-adjusts to the wrist when tapped to the skin – no buckles to fumble with while putting it on or taking it off.  A gentle tap is all that is needed to put the watch on.  My younger son was able to wear the same watch as my 8 year old nephew with no adjustment needed on our part.  There’s no guessing as to whether a watch band will fit a particular child, and no fiddling with the watch to get the right fit – that is accomplished with a simple tap to the wrist.

A main factor for my being so happy with the ease of putting the watch on and taking it off is that my nephew has a physical limitation that prevents him from being able to wear a traditional watch.  He was elated when he was not only able to put the watch on by himself  (a real watch, just like his peers would wear; and not something that had to be adapted for his physical limitations) but to also be able to comfortably wear it.  He wouldn’t have been able to do that with a traditional watch – this slap-on watch from Watchitude allows him to wear a real, quality watch, and that is something very special for him to be able to do.

Though it’s geared toward children ages 4-12, this is a real, functioning analog watch.  The watch has a sturdy zinc alloy case with glass crystal and quartz movement.  The case is protected by a clear housing that easily slides on to the watch band.  The housing is easily removable for setting the time, or cleaning.  The case also slides on to the watch band easily, and stays in place once paired with the band.

There are a large variety of designs available, including sports themes, animals, building blocks, and even cupcakes!  

watchitude-planets     watchitude-dolphins

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If there’s a design that you’d love to see but isn’t currently in their product line you can present your idea through the site’s Design Studio.  When you’ve completed your design, it advances to the voting stage. You’ll receive a link to the design to share with friends and family so they can cast their vote.  Watch designs that receive the most votes will be produced.  If one of those new designs is yours – you will receive a free watch in that design, and will also have your name (with designer credit) on the back of each box sold in that design. 

The price point is very reasonable at $21.99 on Watchitude is also available at variety of local retailers (you can find a store in your area by visiting their website,   

Watchitude, with it’s self-adjusting band in fun themes, would make a great gift for the children on your shopping list.  

watchitude-cats watchitude-bandana               watchitude-pink-camowatchitude-stripe

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Disclaimer: While I received a sample of the Watchitude at no charge, I was not compensated for this review or post.  All opinions presented are my own, based on my experience with the product, and the experiences of my younger son and 8 year old nephew.