Ah, Winter in Pennsylvania …

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Enjoying the snow before the big melt days later.

Winter in Pennsylvania is a bit of a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde experience … you just never know which persona will present itself at any given moment.  I’ve resided in Northeastern Pennsylvania most of my life, and can say that from my experience, Winter has always been a hodge podge of inches (to feet) deep snow with a blast of frigid air one week and, as it is today, temps flirting with the upper 60’s and every trace of snow melted.

I’ve learned that the weather here is a toss of the dice, so being prepared for any contingency seems wise ~ snow boots? Check.  Sandals? Check.  Snowpants? Yep.  Shorts? Why, of course!

Pennsylvania – the state that keeps you guessing, and where my sandals and boots sit side by side all throughout  Winter and Spring (because here, Winter and Spring seem to be like two children vying for momma’s attention … just as you focus on the one “look at me, look at me, pretty little flakes cascading down, look at me!” the other just has to pop its little face in to the picture … “no, over here, look momma, look” while erasing her sibling’s handiwork to reveal her own.  Meanwhile, the mommy in me wants to chide, “Girls, you’re both pretty ~ please play nicely!”  I have a sneaking suspicion that they’d obey about as well as my children ~ so keep the dual season garb and accessories at the ready because these dueling seasons keep me guessing.

Sledding one day … and slomping through the mud a few days later … Yay, Pennsylvania.

I think I understand why my uncle moved to Florida 😉